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Is there a Mode?

In middle school statistics we learn about three types of averages: mean, median, and mode. Each type of average has its uses.

The mode is probably the easiest one to compute, particularly if you have a visual representation like a tally or picture graph.

Let's take a look at two sets of data.


Step 1: Put your data in order from least-to-greatest.

The shoe sizes data is in order but, the ice cream data is not. Fortunately, for the mode, it is not necessary…

Step 2: Look for the data that occurs MOST often.

In the ice cream survey, the flavour that was selected most often was chocolate.
In the shoe tally, the size that was most common was size 7.

Definition of Mode

In a set of data the value that occurs most often is the mode

An easy way to remember? mode and most both begin with mo-

Why might knowing the mode be useful average?

How would certain industries use mode?

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