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Multiplying with Exponents

Okay, now if you're ready to multiply with exponents you are going to totally dig this cuz it is so totally awesome! In fact, when you realize just how SIMPLE it is to multiply exponents, you will be truly amazed at the little 'rule' to memorize. tee-hee! Are you ready? Okay!

Multiplication Example #1
62  • 63

If the bases are the same (in this instance, the bases ARE the same), then multiplying the exponents is VERY easy! Oh yes, indeeeeeedy!

Step 1: Make sure the BASES are the same. IF they are the same ('like terms'), then all you do is ADD the exponents! If you don't believe me, then check out why in the 'proof.'

62 + 3  =
6 • 6 • 6
lemonsqueezy 65 = f

Step 2: That's it. You are done. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeasy!

Multiplication Example #2
12a7  • 3a2 •

Step 1: Hmmm…there are only TWO terms where the bases are the same. SO, what to do? Since we are using the MULTIPLICATION operation, we can utilize our handy-dandy properties! Yep, the Associative and Commutative Properties! Woo-hoo! Check it out…

Step 2: Separate everything out, sorting into numbers and variables (the Commutative Property of Multiplication—mooooooving the numbers/variables around).

Now, group the numbers and those exponents (same bases) together. This is using the Associative Property (the 'grouping property') What comes next?

12 • 3 • 2

Step 3: Multiply the numbers. Get the product.

Add the exponents where the bases are the same, remove the multiplication signs

and, voila!

72 • a9 • b6

Special Note: Remember that numbers always come FIRST followed by variables in descending order (alphabetical).

Multiplying Exponents Rule

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